Commutation Application


People who have been convicted of a crime and are currently serving their sentence in California may apply for a commutation (reduction of sentence).


f you would like Governor Newsom to re-open your prior application and consider it, you may submit a Reapplication for Clemency. To re-apply for a commutation:

  • Submit a completed Reapplication for Clemency Form (1 page). Do not re-submit your original application or other documents unless requested to do so by the Governor’s Office.
  • Submit an authorization for release of medical information (Spanish Version) if you are applying for a commutation because you are suffering from a terminal illness or have a severe and chronic disability that would be substantially mitigated by release from prison or reduction of sentence.


To apply for a commutation for the first time or for the first time in three years:

The above is excerpted from the California Governors website on Commutations

CCWP Commutation Application Guide – English

CCWP Commutation Application Guide – Spanish