This October 16th-23rd the Drop LWOP Coalition is hosting an online Strategy Week to bring together organizers dedicated to ending Life Without Parole. The week will be a mix of information sharing and brainstorming so we can build on the momentum of the past two years since our L.A. Strategy Session in 2019 and work together to accelerate concrete plans to fight the LWOP sentence. We hope that you can join us!


We plan to focus on four main strategies – Legislation, Commutations, Resentencing and Influencing/Countering DA’s – and we’ll learn more about the current opportunities and challenges of each strategy. During the week we’ll have evening sessions to discuss and brainstorm ways to move forward in each of the four main areas and on the final Saturday we’ll come together again to talk about the ideas generated during the week, figure out the best tactics for moving forward, and how we can coordinate our efforts.

The entire Strategy Session will be on zoom and links to all sessions will be sent to every participant.

Overview Schedule: (A detailed schedule will be sent to all attendees)

Saturday 10/16 9am-1pm: We’ll learn about ways to reduce and end LWOP and talk about the opportunities and specific obstacles we face. We’ll also learn about other efforts throughout the country so we can partner to end LWOP nationwide.

Monday 10/18 6-8pm: Legislation and Policy (discussion and brainstorming)

Tuesday 10/19 6-8pm: Increasing Commutations (discussion and brainstorming)

Wednesday 10/20 6-8pm: Resentencing (discussion and brainstorming)

Thursday 10/21 6-8pm: Influencing and Countering DA’s (discussion and brainstorming)

Saturday 10/23 9am-12pm: We’ll close the strategy week by coming together to talk about all the ideas from the week, figure out our future goals and plans together, and discuss ways everyone can get involved in our fight to end LWOP forever!


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